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Training program for learning foreign languages

LearnWords - highly effective training program for learning foreign languages (words, phrases) on desktop (Windows 8,Vista,XP) and mobile computers (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian S60).
Briefly: 12 exercises, 22 languages, transcriptions, pronunciation, editor, virtual keyboard, moving of words, scheduling repetitions. LearnWords is an ease of study and makes deep memory of all foreign words!

      For each word of dictionary it is necessary to execute a sequence of six basic exercises (Card, Mosaic, Select translation, Guess translation, Select word, Writing). Points are added for the each correct answer. Exercises change automatically as you reach a certain level of points.

      See for yourself:
- different exercises makes process of study in game and amazing forms;
- the sequence of exercises is carried out from simple to difficult;
- each exercise assign the associative connection (stable associations "word & translation", "translation & word", spelling and other).

LearnWords is the fast, easy and effective training!
LearnWords is the guarantee of stability memorization!

Newest version LearnWords use scheduling repetitions (Repeating of words) that allows to remember anyone, even the unstructured information!
Automoving of words move records of dictionary like the slide-show without any actions!
LearnWords support the Unicode format and so you can learn any language of world!

Synthesis of speech, statistics, editor of words, support images, free dictionaries and much another.. See more

LearnWords for study foreign words on desktop and mobile computers

LearnWords -learning foreign words on iPhone and iPad

LearnWords - learning foreign words on Android

Windows (8/Vista/XP)
LearnWords - learn foreign language on PC
LearnWords Editor - freeware editor of dictionaries

Windows Mobile 6, 5 & PocketPC
LearnWords - learn foreign language on Windows Mobile
KarPocket - karaoke player for WM 6, WM 5, Pocket PC
LTG Paris - city guide of Paris

Symbian S60
LearnWords - learn foreign language on Symbian S60 mobile phone (Nokia)

MS Smartphone
LearnWords - learn foreign language on smartphone with Windows Mobile

LearnWords - learn foreign words on PDA
LaserTank - excellent logical game
31.10.2011 LearnWords Windows 5.0 - new design, more stability
27.04.2011 New review: LearnWords - expand your English vocabulary in one of the most efficient ways possible. read more...
07.02.2011 LearnWords Android 2.0 - system of repetitions
01.11.2010 LearnWords Android 1.0 - published on Android Market
28.04.2010 LearnWords Windows 4.9 - the correctly typed word will fill out a green color (unit "Writing"); cleaning statistics for any number of learned words
23.09.2009 LearnWords Windows 4.8.1 - added disabling reminders
12.08.2009 LearnWords Windows 4.8 - added user profiles to work with multiple users or multiple languages to learn one user
09.12.2008 LearnWords WM5, PocketPC 3.4 - statistics of learning: total time of study, completed lessons, average time of answer, negative answers ("File \ Statistics")
10.06.2008 LearnWords Windows 4.6 - added registration of various parameters of training in log file, statistics of learning (see in "Options \ Statistics training")
03.06.2008 LTG Paris 1.1 - city guide about Paris with phrasebook, maps, illustrations for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile PDA
22.02.2008 LearnWords WM5, PocketPC 3.2 - optimisation of the system of scheduling repetitions
11.02.2008 LearnWords WM5, PocketPC 3.1 - added the interface on czech, german and polish languages see more
05.02.2008 New version KarPocket 3.3 supports jpeg format for background images
24.01.2008 LearnWords Windows 4.5 - added the interface on czech, german and polish languages see more
14.11.2007 LearnWords 3.0 (WM5, PocketPC) - support of images, illustrations, the new system of scheduling repeatings, color mode for each exercise more info, screenshot
10.10.2007 LearnWords Windows 4.4 - save statistics of the unfinished repeating: you continue the repeating of words from last breakpoint after restart of repeating more
02.07.2007 LearnWords Windows 4.2 - system of repeating store informations in new text format
02.07.2007 LearnWords WM5, PocketPC 2.8 - system of repeating store informations in new text format
27.11.2006 LearnWords Smartphone 1.3 - WM5 and moving of words
03.10.2006 LearnWords S60v3 1.1 - edition for smartphone Symbian 9.1, Series 60 3rd edition: pronunciation, moving of words
03.10.2006 LearnWords PocketPC, WM5 2.3 - repeating and automoving of words
20.09.2006 LearnWords Windows 2.2 - scheduling repetitions, moving of words
01.08.2006 New version KarPocket 3.2.1 - support Windows Mobile 5.0
More about new versions see  History of versions
New dictionaries
07.10.2009 Turkish Dictionaries
01.07.2009 Audio swedish-english dictionary
12.01.2009 1000+ words of Hungarian-Polish dictionary
20.10.2008 Ogden's English Polish dictionaries (with articulationwith articulation)
26.05.2008 Hungarian and Somali dictionaries
07.02.2008 study french: Audio French dictionary (with articulationwith articulation)
06.01.2008 study czech: Czech phrasebook
20.11.2007 study japanese: Japanese vocabulary
10.11.2007 study english: English Alphabet
09.10.2007 study finnish: Finnish-German vocabulary
03.10.2007 study polish, russian: Polish dictionary, Russian phrasebook
07.09.2007 study swedish: English- Swedish lexicon
28.12.2006 study latvian: two dictionaries of English-Latvian
23.11.2006 study finnish: Finnish-English vocabulary
10.10.2006 study german: English-German and German-English popular words
05.04.2006 study italian: Italian-Polish vocabulary
23.12.2005 study french: French-Chinese words
22.12.2005 study spanish: Spanish-Dutch lexicons
29.03.2005 study danish: Danish-Spanish, Danish-Catalan, Catalan-Spanish lexicons
05.03.2005 Dictionary for Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
28.01.2005 Arabic-English of business lexicon with transcriptions
29.11.2004 Basic of English Phrasal verbs
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